when responsibilities hit you – how to survive university


it is only my second semester but I feel like I already learned that uni isn’t what it seems like. as always films don’t depict reality. uni is not all about sleeping in, pondering whether to go to class or sleep in and have fun –  it is hard work. so here is what I have learned so far and what will help you to get through uni (if you stick to my “survival guide”).

1 make yourself a plan – planning your week or even your whole semester is one of the most efective ways to make sure that you stay on top with assignments and not putting yourself under too much pressure. sticking to your plan helps you to keep up with the classes’ content and to be aware of all the deadlines. they come faster than you think.

2 got out of the house to study – one of the things that I still have to put more effort in is getting out of the house to study. if you have a day off or are free on the weekends get out of your apartment/house, there is no way that you’ll be productive if you are staying in. I tend to just not do anything when I am in my apartment, everything seems more important than studying. get up, get ready and leave your house. pay your uni’s library a visit and you’ll probably get more done than you would have thought. being in an environment where other people are studying is infectious.

3 use free periods productively –  if you are lucky enough to have a free period between classes use it to be productive. you would probably want to use that time to take a break, which is of course totally fine but as you are already in the studying mode – get some work done.

4 get things done in advance – don’t leave things till the last-minute. don’t try to convince yourself that you’ll have plenty of time left. use every bit of time that you can find. get things done in advance so you don’t have to worry about them anymore. you might be busy but you’ll have time to do something else or even be able to enjoy some free time once you are done.

5 ask for help – learn in groups – probably one of the most important things, ask for help. get out of your comfort zone and admit that you don’t understand something or you simply need some help. you for sure are not alone and studying in groups is way more fun than despairing on your own. having someone there that is able to encourage you is a huge help.

6 work out – not only will it help you to have a better and deeper sleep it will also make you a lot happier. endorphins. whenever I am able to find the time or make sure to put it into my weekly plan I feel a sense of achievement and more awake. not only will your body benefit from you working out it will also improve your ability of learing and remembering things.

7 turn off your phone – turn off your phone. one of the biggest distractions is my phone, looking at it every time that I am bored or even unconsciously turns into a half an hour instagram or even worse an hour-long session of warching youtube videos. just turn it off and yes you’ll be able to survive that.

8 eat and drink –  make sure to eat and drink a lot of water, your brain and body needs fuel to function.

9 take a break and have fun – don’t put yourself under too much pressure. find a balance between uni and your free time. life isn’t all about university. after all your twenties are there to find yourself, to try out new things and to just enjoy life.

10 remember why – being aware of why you wanted to go to university in the first place is the number one thing that will help you to be discipline and work hard. set yourself a goal and work hard to achieve it. I am currently in a phase of doubt. as a perfectionist this is something that bothers me a lot because although I am doubting myself I don’t want to give up. if you ever feel drowned by your worries visualize your goal and the reason of you studying – remember why.



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my room at uni



in case you were wondering this is where I live. I have been living in this apartment for a bit over a month now and living together with 3 other girls has been surprisingly easy. I have never lived with someone else except my family so I was a bit anxious on how everything would work, but it has been great. moving to university can be a big step for some people so I really recommend moving into a place with other people. especially in the first few weeks uni can become a lonely place, since there are so many people but you don´t know any of them. and making friends takes its time. luckily I was able to move in this apartment with a friend so adjusting to a new environment was really fun.


university // the struggle was real


long time no see. the last couple of weeks have been crazy. I started my first year at uni this october and it hasn´t been easy. not only wasn´t I sure of what to expect from my studies but I didn´t have a place to stay at. thankfully everything turned for the better and I am living in a nice apartment together with my friend.

uni started with me having to book a hotel the weekend before I had to leave and this continued a couple of weeks after as well. let me tell you, living in hotels and rented apartments and having to return home every weekend, when you are living almost 2 hours away isn´t the nicest and easiest thing that I have done or had to do in my life. now that I am actually living in the city where I am going to university to, uni life can finally begin. that being studying, studying and let´s not forget to mention studying.

as you probably already guessed from the picture I am studying korean and combined with that linguistics. I´ve always been interested in languages, how people communicate, how languages started to exist, how they have developed  and how they are changing. so linguistics turned out to be the right subject for me to study. that being said the language that I am most interested in is korean. studying korean language as well as history and culture may seem a little strange for you and you may also ask yourself “how come someone wants to study korean? this is so not the go to subject to study”. well let me tell you at my university it actually is quite common, since in total we are over a 100 students. since I can remember asian culture was always something I was very keen on finding out more about it. everything starting with my fathers interest in asian culture, especially japanese culture I couldn´t resist its charm. it wasn´t until 2014 that I started to be more interested in korean culture, lifestyle, language and food. the whole “thing” of course started with KPOP and the whole korean entertainment industry. so here I am turning my interest into a possible career and I am absolutely loving it.

so stay tuned if you wanna find out more about korea and my life at uni.