feeling inspired


whenever I’m bored I turn to my phone just like every human being of the 21st century. and just like every girl I like looking at others taste in fashion to get inspired to answer that burning question that we ask ourselves every day of what to wear. following a lot of streetstyle blogs on tumblr it turns out to be pretty easy getting that inspiration.

I chose the pictures from my my tumblr and they turned out to be a styleguide to a 90s adjusted look wearable in today’s world. double denim, silk dress with a white tee, stripes on denim, cropped jeans, caps, wide trousers and overknee boots. looks that I like wearing and that make me feel good. one of the things that I love about fashion is layering and having a closet that consists of basic pieces that method is key to make me look at least a little bit fashionable. so I kind of always stick to three rules when it comes to my style FEEL COMFORTABLE and ADD A PIECE THAT MAKES YOUR OUTFIT POP and GET THAT LAYERING GOING.

but feeling inspired also means to try something new and I am totally up to change and develop my taste in fashion. I want to try out new patterns, cuts, fabrics but it turns out that I am not up to change my colour scheme of blues, greys, black and white. that’s something that I should change because there is a whole new world of fashion for me to get inspired by when I let some colours in my life.

so don’t just get inspired by the things that you already like get out there and explore something that you never even thought about liking and maybe you’ll end up loving it or at least you’ll find out that it is not up your street.

pictures are not mine – found on tumblr

fashion inspiration


in a couple of days I am flying to sweden. it has always been a dream destination and country I wanted to visit. and now my sister and I are flying to stockholm on wednesday, which means there are only 2 days left for me to pack. before I go traveling I like to put together outfits so I won´t be tempted to pack anything unnecessary. so here I am staring into my wardrobe not knowing what to pack and what to combine (cause sweden is going to be freeeeezin´) this is where internet and especially tumblr come in really handy. just type those two little words “street style” and you´ll be rewarded with a ton of inspiration.

this is what I have found.

my key items are: bomber jacket // coat // denim // skirts // monochrome basics // blue // sneakers // heels (probably not a good idea for a city trip) // big ass jumpers

so fingers crossed that I will find something to wear and that you´ll be able to see the result in the upcoming outfit posts of my sweden trip.

pictures are not mine – found on tumblr