missha all-around safe block essence sun SPF45/PA+++


spring is just around the corner and although I really like the winter and can’t wait for some warmth and the change to my spring wardrobe. the only downside, sunrays. ever since my research on korean skincare I have been stressing the importance of sunscreen to everyone around me. putting on sunscreen is so important and should be the most important step in anyones skincare routine. sunscreens help to block UVB damaging the skin and UVA causing skin aging. if you don’t do anything about that sunrays can cause sunburn, dark spots, wrinkles, aged looking skin and even go so far as to causing skin cancer. I have recently come across the missha sunscreen which they are even selling in german drugstores now. people who are put off by sunscreen because they have the prejudice of sunscreen being really sticky and uncomfortable will be surprised because this sunscreen is something else.

the missha all-around safe block essence SPF45/PA+++ is my first ever korean sunscreen. so far I have been using  normal sunscreens and a japanese one, all of them were “okay” but I never really liked their consistency and the feeling they left on my skin after applying it. normal sunscreen is usually very sticky and therefore not really pleasant on the skin. the japanese one (bioré) was very thin and moisturizing, it felt more like an essence rather than a thick enough barrier to block UV rays. I was very surprised by the consistency of the missha all-around safe block essence, because although it is advertised as an essence it is still thick enough for me to feel like I have applied something that will protect my skin. the essences used in the product help the skin’s moisture by hydrating and nourishing it and therefore making makeup application very easy.

the only thing that I don’t like and I have to admit I don’t really know about is how to handle reapplying my sunscreen during the day when I don’t want to mess up my full face of makeup. unfortunately applying sunscreen once in the morning won’t do the job of protecting your skin all day long. I did my research and found that you have to reapply your sunscreen every two to three hours. there are several methods in how to make sure your skin won’t suffer from UV rays. you can either get a cushion compact with SPF, a powder with SPF or my favourite option a face mist with SPF. I am pretty sure that there are more options, so there is no way for you to back out of protecting your skin from UV rays.

how do you protect your skin from the sun? let me know.

picture not mine – found on missha website

vienna impressions


it has already been a week since my trip to vienna and I wish I could go back. vienna has always been a city that I wanted to visit and therefore, I had really high expectations. vienna did not let me down and I would even go that far and say that I could imagine myself living there. unfortunately the weather wasn’t that great but I managed to take some blue skied photos on the second day. here are some snapshots from my trip.

what is a toner anyway?


the one skincare item that always confuses me is toner. i have read so many times that it is one of the most important skincare steps in your regiment. but what exactly is a toner? what is its purpose?

a toner is used after cleansing and supposed to remove remnants from your cleanser while preparing your skin to effectively absorb your essence/serum and moisturizer.

After doing some research, this is what I found out:

you should use toner after cleansing, because even with the gentlest cleanser your skin needs to be replenished with what has been rinsed away (you are not only washing away to sebum and dirt on your skin but also your skin’s natural moisture)

a toner can quickly and efficiently provide your skin with antioxidants, soothing agents, and hydrating ingredients

therefore can toner enhance your skin’s surface, providing it what it needs to look fresher, smoother, and hydrated

it can also serve to remove any last traces of makeup your cleanser might not have gotten to

toners are a secret weapon in keeping your skin looking healthy, young and beautiful

using a toner is very important for people with oily and acne-prone skin, as they make sure that your skin is probably cleansed and prepped for the following essence/serum

toners shrink your pores, after having washed your face with lukewarm water your pores are open. not only is this an opportunity for the toner to work as a deep cleanser but it will also close the pores again

besides the right essence/serum to tackle your specific skin concern, toner is the one step that will change their effectiveness. charlotte cho, the founder of sokoglamtheklog and author of the little book of skincare once made a comparison that has truly changed my approach in my skincare routine. your skin acts like a sponge, when it is try it is not possible for it to absorb whatever you put on it. but if it is wet the absorption is very easy and more effectively. a toner acts exactly like that, it is a product that besides the already explained advantages as a product itself also enhances the effectiveness of the products you put on your skin afterwards. i am hoping to get my hands on one of the most popular toners and probably one of the best known korean skincare products, the beauty water by son&park.

picture is not mine – found on google