lusting after new stuff

going to university basically consists out of three things: studying, eating and sleeping. especially during exam period. meaning that everything else is put aside. to my dismay it has been one of my favourite things, shopping. this makes me look like a shopaholic. but HEY! we are living in a material world and I am a material girl.

today my family has come to visit me, to check out my apartment and to have a stroll around town. having not spend time in the city for quite some time, it brought up that urge of wanting to go shopping. so there I was in the midst of the annual freak out of people stressing about buying presents and eventually ending up buying things for themselves, I was just thinking “I don´t have money to spend it on things that I don´t need and I definitely can´t spend it on myself”. I stayed strong and I didn´t buy anything. but after returning back home, I straight away turned on my laptop and started online shopping. online shopping to me means having a look on what the shops have at the moment, because I normally never buy anything online.

while satisfying to urge of wanting to buy new stuff, this is what I have found.

black overknee boots from asos  //  black jacket from h&m  //  baby blue pullover with trumpet sleeves from h&m  //  purple pullover from h&m  //  golden stars hair piercings from asos  //  black bag from asos


lusting after new stuff

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