university // the struggle was real


long time no see. the last couple of weeks have been crazy. I started my first year at uni this october and it hasn´t been easy. not only wasn´t I sure of what to expect from my studies but I didn´t have a place to stay at. thankfully everything turned for the better and I am living in a nice apartment together with my friend.

uni started with me having to book a hotel the weekend before I had to leave and this continued a couple of weeks after as well. let me tell you, living in hotels and rented apartments and having to return home every weekend, when you are living almost 2 hours away isn´t the nicest and easiest thing that I have done or had to do in my life. now that I am actually living in the city where I am going to university to, uni life can finally begin. that being studying, studying and let´s not forget to mention studying.

as you probably already guessed from the picture I am studying korean and combined with that linguistics. I´ve always been interested in languages, how people communicate, how languages started to exist, how they have developed  and how they are changing. so linguistics turned out to be the right subject for me to study. that being said the language that I am most interested in is korean. studying korean language as well as history and culture may seem a little strange for you and you may also ask yourself “how come someone wants to study korean? this is so not the go to subject to study”. well let me tell you at my university it actually is quite common, since in total we are over a 100 students. since I can remember asian culture was always something I was very keen on finding out more about it. everything starting with my fathers interest in asian culture, especially japanese culture I couldn´t resist its charm. it wasn´t until 2014 that I started to be more interested in korean culture, lifestyle, language and food. the whole “thing” of course started with KPOP and the whole korean entertainment industry. so here I am turning my interest into a possible career and I am absolutely loving it.

so stay tuned if you wanna find out more about korea and my life at uni.


university // the struggle was real

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