fashion inspiration


in a couple of days I am flying to sweden. it has always been a dream destination and country I wanted to visit. and now my sister and I are flying to stockholm on wednesday, which means there are only 2 days left for me to pack. before I go traveling I like to put together outfits so I won´t be tempted to pack anything unnecessary. so here I am staring into my wardrobe not knowing what to pack and what to combine (cause sweden is going to be freeeeezin´) this is where internet and especially tumblr come in really handy. just type those two little words “street style” and you´ll be rewarded with a ton of inspiration.

this is what I have found.

my key items are: bomber jacket // coat // denim // skirts // monochrome basics // blue // sneakers // heels (probably not a good idea for a city trip) // big ass jumpers

so fingers crossed that I will find something to wear and that you´ll be able to see the result in the upcoming outfit posts of my sweden trip.

pictures are not mine – found on tumblr

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