a change in plans


so I´ve been looking through a couple of my last posts and WOW I sound depressing and I can´t shut up about that future thing. to keep you updated, no I haven´t got into a university and now I just work at this shitty job waiting for my contract to end and wanting to concentrate more on my blog.

the unfortunate thing is though, that I am one of those people who always think and talk about what they want to do but never take any actions to make that happen.

I am sick and tired of dreaming what my life should be like. I´m just gonna do it. the reason why I probably haven´t done anything is that I am scared of what is going to happen if I fail. having been rejected by the universities that I have applied to has shown me that nothing bad is happening, the thing is nothing is going to change at your situation it just has shown me that I have to take another path and that I have to change my plans.

that is the only thing that is going to change, my dreams are still the same I am just going to achieve them in another way then the one I had originally planned.

my advice to myself is :

lighten up, get up and get shit done.


a change in plans

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