the future magazine thing


waiting for your life to start is just the worst. I´ve been waiting for a couple of weeks now to finally recieve a letter to tell me if I´ll be able to study at my univeristy of choice. this makes me feel a little bit lost and very helpless. being stuck in a rut, feeling trapped in the moment without the hope of moving on has accompanied me for quite some time now. my dreamjob is working at a magazine. the possibility to create something, to take pictures, to write how you feel about something or being able to share fashion inspirations and the new trends is simply amazing. saying that, doubts always creep their way up to the surface of my thoughts. how could I possibly be creative, confident and lucky enough to get a job like that. but the key to become succesful is to never give up. have faith in yourself and your abilities. being rejected can have a strong influence on that believe. I´ve been rejected by a few univeristies and I just feel down about the whole situation and my future is turning into a black whole of nothingness more and more . SHIT.

but why should I worry? even if I won´t be able to go to university, I´m sure I´ll find my way. stay positive, work hard and you´ll be rewarded with the best job and future ever.

OK, let´s do it!!!

I used to buy american and english magazines but they cost around 10€!!! So I was on the hunt for some cool and hip german magazines. And I found them (one of them quite recently). BLONDE and INDIE THE INDEPENT STYLE MAGAZINE. they are amazing and if you haven´t heard of them or read them, stop reading this leave your house or wherever you are and get them. they talk about style, music and lifestyle and they have introduced me to some great clothing ideas and bands. the great thing about them though and the reason why I like them so much is that they are not mainstream. here in germany  I feel like everyone looks and likes the same music and no one is truely original. but maybe that´s just the case where I live. magazines like these help me escape my boring and monochrome world that I exist in and show me the big city lifestyle and the individuality that goes along with it – another reason why I would looooove the work at a magazines like BLONDE and INDIE.


what are you´re dreams and aspirations in life? I would love to know.


the future magazine thing

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