style crush // winona ryder

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winona ryder in my opinion one of the best actresses and one of the most stylish women. I absolutely loooove her style and the way she dressed and styled herself, especially in the 80s and 90s. I say “style” but i truly think she doesn´t even think too much of what she looked like because she is just a natural beauty and has a natural feeling of what looks good. which makes me love-hate her a little bit, it´s just not fair that some people are blessed with an effortless look just as they are without having too put some kind of effort into the decesion of what to wear. the reason why I love her style is simple. she mostly wore black and white, denim and leather. the classic combination. I harldy ever wear colour and sometimes I give myself a hard time because either I´m not comfortable wearing colour or I just don´t like it but then again it makes me feel like I´m not adventurous or I don´t mix my style too much up. winona has the hang of it, why change something if it looks good. for me style is all about feeling comfortable and my clothes have to give me that extra confidence boost. so why should I change what I like to wear, thank you winona for showing and reminding people that the classic fashion of black white and denim just always look the best.
winona ryder. if you don´t know her you probably are too young or you have to ask yourself where the heck you have been? I mean just to mention a few of her movies: beetlejuice, heathers, mermaids, girl interrupted and of course black swan and loads moooore. I especially like her earlier work (oh wow that made me sound all professional) such as beetlejuice, mermaids and OMG heathers. L.O.V.E. that movie. but winona ryder wouldn´t be as successful without her incredible taste of clothes and today she managed to become a fashion and movie icon. she definitely has become one of mine.
lena sophie
pictures are not mine – found on google
style crush // winona ryder

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