shoe unboxing // adidas superstar

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I´ve had my eyes on these babies for quit some time and I couldn´t resist the urge to buy them any longer. I actually just got them today and I´m going to bring them on my weekend trip to berlin. My feet will hopefully turn out fine, fingers crossed.

Adidas is one of the most classic urban brands there is. Wearing these I defintely feel like a superstar. Just because they are white you do get a lot of looks. Which I don´t mind…… I mean these shoes are just stunning.

Black and white, stripes and comfortable. if a shoe fits into all of those categories you know they will probably be on your feet for the years to come. I have the feeling that they are going to be like my chucks. I wear them to death and they fit with EVERRRRRRRRYTHING!!!!

They are also worth their money and you don´t have to worry that you´re only going to pay for the brand because the material and the quality are great and pretty much flawless.

I can´t wait to style them and probably wear them every day from now on.


shoe unboxing // adidas superstar

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