the future is leaving

the future is by far the scariest thing there is. uncertainty rules every thought that you dare to spend while thinking about it. future means by definition something that will exist or happen in time to come and a condition, especially of success or failure, to come. 

just reading those definitions makes me freak out. don´t get me wrong the thought of having success sounds pretty good, but there is always the doubt of failing at something or something that you planned might not happen.

the future is leaving. i found this picture in a magazine and it is an advert for LEVIS. but what exactly does it mean? I guess it is just a reminder that you should live in the NOW and you should stop worrying about what´s  going to happen or how your life might turn out. Is anyone really able to just stop thinking about the future though? If those people exist, then I really envy you.

In todays society and especially around the teens sayings like YOLO and whatever kids these days say (i´m not really up to date of what´s going on right now HAHAAAAA) have become the meaning of life somehow. you only live once, so just do whatever feels right and don´t worry about the consequences.

As good as this sounds in theory, I just can´t do it. Feeling lost and confused is always creeping it´s way into my every day. So I guess the trick is to try to think of both and to keep a healthy balance between them. Choose actively to stop thinking about the future and if you do feel overwhelmed then make a plan. Write down small goals to then eventually reach your main gaol and then work through them step by step, that way you´ll feel accomplished and successful but still be able to live your life without worries and to avoid the feeling of being stuck in a rut because you are always evolving.

the future is leaving? okay, that´s fine by me. I will catch up one day and we´ll meet again.

the future is leaving

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