a glimpse into my room

I recently painted my room and so I wanted to redecorate it as well. Here are a few things of my room that I am totally obsessed with. In the first picture you can see TOULOUSE ( and yes I am that type of person that feels like having to name things). I bought toulouse while I was in England and a shop called TIGER, he was only 1pound so he convined me to buy him and I haven´t doubted my decesion.

I love to read and I especially enjoy reading the books written by gillian flynn (SHE IS A GENIUS!!!). Of course I read gone girl first and i was totally obsessed with it, so I decided to read the other books as well. I have already read cry baby and i absolutely loved it and now I´m getting lost in the story of dark places which is probably the most brutal one of the three.

One of the things that I love most about my room is my bed. I never want to get up and leave the warmest and comfiest place on earth, but if you want to get shit done I guess you have to. When I do find the strength to finally get up, I always feel the need to make my bed, it´s the first task of the day and it gets me in the mood of getting things done throughout the whole day. STUPID but SIMPLE and it works, you should try i. The last pillow to put on my bed is always this cute fish pillow. And I guess you are already waiting for it, so YES he has a name. Internet I´d like you to meet KRABBE.


a glimpse into my room

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