I have something to say and so does christina aguilera

I just watched a video of a youtube channel called StyleLikeU  link to the youtube channel and now I feel totally inspired and like I have to and want to talk about the subjects they cover.

They ask people to undress themselves, while doing that they are talking about their lives, inspirations and everything they want to talk about and what feels important to them. The main message of all of those videos though is always the same and I am quoting here.

style is not the clothes you wear

it is knowing who you are

it is your spirit

it is comfort in your skin

it´s what´s underneath

Style and fashion is a form of expressing myself and to me that is the definition of ART. ART is the skill of being able to channel your feelings and thoughts into objects for everyone to see. Not everyone likes ART or thinks that every single painting or song or whatever it is is beautiful and worthy of being called ART. So to me there isn´t any point in feeling like you are not beautiful or you have to dress a certain way to please others. ART is subjective and therefore you are the ART PIECE yourself. Why dress for others, when you know you can´t dress so that every single person will like your style. Be who you want to be, dress so that you feel pretty in your own skin. And as the videos are trying to say, its whats underneath that matters and clothing is just for you. I see fashion as a form of a change in my mood, a change in my inspirations, A CHANGE IN MYSELF. In today’s world fashion has become one the most influential and leading businesses in the world. Almost everyone feels the need to be up to date with their style. I don´t think of fashion like that. Fashion is never the same, so why should I always look the same  and by that as others. I set myself a goal today the 9th of March 2015, to stop wearing clothes for others and to START wearing what I like and what makes me feel beautiful and comfortable in my skin. YOU SHOULD START TOO. FASHION DOESN´T DEFINE WHO YOU ARE; IT´S WHAT IS UNDERNEATH THAT MATTERS. I want to leave you with the wise words of christina aguilera, “you are beautiful no matter what they say”. Preach it girl !!!

Let me know what you think.

pictures at not mine – found on google
I have something to say and so does christina aguilera

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