current likes

I´ve been watching a lot of february likes on youtube lately and it got me thinking, what I have been liking over the last couple of months. These items are the result of that.

I discovered the honey bronzer from the body shop, while watching one of sunbeamsjess´ videos on you tube (if you don´t know her or you are not subscribed to her, you should. she is amazing! ) I´ve been eyeing this bronzer for quite some time but never came round to buying it, because it is quite expensive. I always put it off saying that I have never really stuck to using a bronzer regularly. On one of my many shopping sprees, I decided that I was just going to buy it and I haven´t regretted it. It applies so easily and just gives me that sun kissed look and really counters my cheekbones.

Yves Saint Laurent is by far my favourite fashion designer. I would die to own one of his pieces, especially a suit. When I saw the trailer of this film, I couldn´t wait for it to come out. Sadly I wasn´t able to see it in the cinema, but thanks to my dad I got the DVD for christmas. Since then I have seen it a couple of times and I absolutely love it. Pierre Niney portrays Yves Saint Laurent perfectly and makes you fall in love with his personality right away. This film is just visually so beautiful (they got to use the actually dresses) and combined with the story and the lines, it is definitely an absolute must-see.

A skull. This is kind of an unusual and maybe weird favourite. But hey, I think it is pretty cool. I found this little guy on the urban outfitters website on the sale section and I couldn´t resist him.There´s nothing much to say about him, except: He is pretty, he is cool, he has golden flowers in his eyes and he has pretty amazing and white teeth. Meet Freddy. (Yes, I am weird like this. I tend to give things like these names)

YES, I know. I am sooo late on the band waggon. It´s probably kind of obvious and I am pretty sure that almost every blogger has one of these. Whatever, they are awesome. You take a picture and a second after you pressed the button you are actually holding it in your hands. This is the fujifilm instant camera instax 210 (the one with the bigger pictures)

While I was living in England, I spend almost every single weekend in london. After a while you run out of ideas of what to do. I found this museum (I am actually not sure if it even is a museum) on a website for tourists in london. It is so obscure but at the same time so fascinating. Sadly I ended up not visiting it, but I was so happy when I found this book on the urban outfitters online store. I love just looking at the pictures because every time you look trough the book you find something new, that you haven´t seen before. The second pictures shows what EVERY picture in the book looks like, there is just so much to discover.  Have a look on the website, to find out what it is really about. THE VIKTOR WYND MUSEUM OF CURIOSITIES, FINE ART & NATURAL HISTORY

current likes

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