when in paris // haul

i spend the last weekend in PARIS with my sister and it was one of the best trips i have ever been on. if you haven´t been in paris you are really missing out because it is sooo pretty. walking around the whole day and just enjoying the sun made me fall in love with it. everything about it is just so enchanting. it is those small streets, little cafés, the language and peoples fashion that make this place one of the nicest on this beautiful earth. 

i was so happy when i found urban outfitters and topshop in galerie lafayette (because we don´t have them anywhere near) so i couldn´t resist buying something so here we go:


jeans//topshophaydenandmom  shirt//urbanoutfittersvintage  shoes//topshop

the one thing i can really recommend, besides all of the obvious tourist sights, is the opera. this place is stunning and breathtaking. i think the pictures speak for themselves.


after all paris is beautiful and i´m sure i´ll be back soon.

when in paris // haul

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