2013 favourites

as for clothing i rediscovered my love for highwaisted denim shorts. shorts are perfect if you are looking for that grungy and vintage style. and hats, when you look trough my lookbook of my outfits i put on this blog you will see that i´m almost wearing a hat to every single one of them. i just think a hat gives the look a finishing touch.
one of the best things in life is to find new music. for me it was the band the 1975. i just found them on one of my hours spending on youtube, it was the song chocolate and i happened to listen to it the complete day. i just think that they are something new, something that i never heard before but it reminded me kind of the old punk and rock´n´roll days. which i happen to LOVE. and i even got the chance to see them live, which was absolutely amazing. i got the tickets for my birthday and i cried. it felt like being in an old movie, you know when they are on concerts, where not a lot of people are their. it had kind of a CBGB feel to it.
when i don´t know what to wear i always crab some books to get inspired. as i love a kind of a vintage feel to my outfits i tend to get books with old photos in them. i´m also very interested in photography and especially norman parkinson is a big influence and rolemodel when it comes to figuring out what i want to do in the future. i got both of these books for christmas and i kind put them down anymore.

2013 favourites

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