my love of vintage


i got the four on top from a vintage store called ROKIT in london and the bottom two are from my grandma

i love to go vintage shopping, because you can´t really plan what you are going to get, it is always a surprise with what you are going to leave the shop with. as soon as i enter a vintage shop i feel the shopping spirit coming over me and i just want to buy everything. what i really like about vintage shopping is the fact, that you have to look through everything and the history that comes with the clothes, bags, hats, shoes, …. i always think of someone famous when i look at the things there, some old rock stars and now i can wear what they wore. what´s also great is that you are (probably) the only person in the whole world owning that item, isn´t that amazing? sometimes i immediately fall in love with a piece and then i notice that it is not my size. that is the only part about going vintage shopping that i really hate.

so here is a good advice for vintage shopping: take your time, because a lot of vintage shops have a lot to look through and choose from and you don´t want to miss something. another one would be to first look at the size, a lot of the time they don´t have something twice. but i also think if you really like a specific piece and it´s too big, you can still get it and jut wrap a belt around to give it a shape or just wear it oversize.

i took some pictures of a few of my vintage favourites i own. whenever i wear them i feel unique because vintage clothing makes me stand out of the crowd. they make me feel kind of old school which i really like, because i love to looking into the past for fashion inspiration to see what they have worn and liked back then.

if you haven´t been vintage sopping let me just tell you that it is worth a it and if you don´t like it you have been on a little adventure looking through the past.

be vintage, be brave, be different, be you

take a look at some vintage stores:  //

my love of vintage

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