what is a toner anyway?


the one skincare item that always confuses me is toner. i have read so many times that it is one of the most important skincare steps in your regiment. but what exactly is a toner? what is its purpose?

a toner is used after cleansing and supposed to remove remnants from your cleanser while preparing your skin to effectively absorb your essence/serum and moisturizer.

After doing some research, this is what I found out:

  • you should use toner after cleansing, because even with the gentlest cleanser your skin needs to be replenished with what has been rinsed away (you are not only washing away to sebum and dirt on your skin but also your skin’s natural moisture)
  • a toner can quickly and efficiently provide your skin with antioxidants, soothing agents, and hydrating ingredients
  • therefore can toner enhance your skin’s surface, providing it what it needs to look fresher, smoother, and hydrated
  • it can also serve to remove any last traces of makeup your cleanser might not have gotten to
  • toners are a secret weapon in keeping your skin looking healthy, young and beautiful
  • using a toner is very important for people with oily and acne-prone skin, as they make sure that your skin is probably cleansed and prepped for the following essence/serum
  • furthermore toners shrink your pores, after having washed your face with lukewarm water your pores are open. not only is this an opportunity for the toner to work as a deep cleanser but it will also close the pores again

besides the right essence/serum to tackle your specific skin concern, toner is the one step that will change their effectiveness. charlotte cho, the founder of sokoglamtheklog and author of the little book of skincare once made a comparison that has truly changed my approach in my skincare routine. your skin acts like a sponge, when it is try it is not possible for it to absorb whatever you put on it. but if it is wet the absorption is very easy and more effectively. a toner acts exactly like that, it is a product that besides the already explained advantages as a product itself also enhances the effectiveness of the products you put on your skin afterwards. i am hoping to get my hands on one of the most popular toners and probably one of the best known korean skincare products, the beauty water by son&park.


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what is a toner anyway?

not yet christmas


the weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter and winter has finally come upon us. it’s time to get out those comfy blankets, boil some tea and put on some music. december is one of my favourite months of the year. it is cold enough for it to be okay to go to uni in your most comfortable a warming sweater. it is dark enough for it to be okay to be in bed by 6pm watching your favourite movie or kdrama. and it is definitely okay to start listening to christmas songs all day long.

but unfortunately it isn’t december just yet. so to get you in that pre-december state mood of feeling comfy and cozy here is my “not yet christmas playlist”.

1 kwon ji ha and sam kim (권진아 샘김) – for now (여기까지)

2 paul kim (폴킴) – wanna love you

3 paul kim (폴킴) – rain (비)

4 paul kim (폴킴) – 편지

5 moon moon (문문) – contrail (비행운)

6 moon moon (문문) – 맘

7 dean (딘) – D (half moon)

8 dean (딘) – 넘어와

9 kwon ji ha (권진아) – the end (끝)

10 sam kim (샘김) – touch my body

11 sam kim (샘김) – mama don’t worry

12 zion t (자이언티) – eat (꺼내 먹어요)

13 zion t (자이언티) – two melodies (뻔한 멜로디)

14 zion t (자이언티) – yanghwa BRDG (양화대교)

15 IU (아이유) – palette (팔레트)


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not yet christmas

korean drama recommendation: fight for my way 쌈 마이웨이


the drama shows that a life without money and success can be beautiful; you just have to fight for it. when four long-time friends become tired of struggle of making it through life, they make it their mission to start living the way they have always dreamed of.

“fight for my way” or “쌈 마이웨이” is a romance drama about two people chasing their dreams, despite facing difficulties and being forced to work in unfulfilling jobs to pay the rent. the story follows the life of choi ae-ra and ko dong-man. ko dong-man works as a contract employee but soon rediscovers his passion for taekwondo and goes after a UFC title (six-pack alert). choi ae-ra has always dreamed of becoming an announcer and has since been desperately trying to pursue her dream. unfortunately she has been turned down on every interview and ends up working at an information desk at a department store.

although ae-ra and dong-man are the main characters of the drama you shouldn’t underestimate the cute an attention catching relationship of the two supporting characters kim joo-man and baek seol-hee. their relationship and storyline is filled with surprises over the whole course of the drama, all stemming from the fact that they have to hide their relationship at place they both work at.

this kdrama shows the struggle of making it in life when not being ready to give up a dream. it explores friendship and emerging love of people who have been growing up together all spiced up with a childish humour that is guaranteed to make you laugh in every episode.




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korean drama recommendation: fight for my way 쌈 마이웨이