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pink vespa

korean drama recommendation: fight for my way 쌈 마이웨이


the drama shows that a life without money and success can be beautiful; you just have to fight for it. when four long-time friends become tired of struggle of making it through life, they make it their mission to start living the way they have always dreamed of.

“fight for my way” or “쌈 마이웨이” is a romance drama about two people chasing their dreams, despite facing difficulties and being forced to work in unfulfilling jobs to pay the rent. the story follows the life of choi ae-ra and ko dong-man. ko dong-man works as a contract employee but soon rediscovers his passion for taekwondo and goes after a UFC title (six-pack alert). choi ae-ra has always dreamed of becoming an announcer and has since been desperately trying to pursue her dream. unfortunately she has been turned down on every interview and ends up working at an information desk at a department store.

although ae-ra and dong-man are the main characters of the drama you shouldn’t underestimate the cute an attention catching relationship of the two supporting characters kim joo-man and baek seol-hee. their relationship and storyline is filled with surprises over the whole course of the drama, all stemming from the fact that they have to hide their relationship at place they both work at.

this kdrama shows the struggle of making it in life when not being ready to give up a dream. it explores friendship and emerging love of people who have been growing up together all spiced up with a childish humour that is guaranteed to make you laugh in every episode.






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korean drama recommendation: fight for my way 쌈 마이웨이




about cosrx

cosrx is a korean skincare brand whose main focus lies on the ingredients of a product. products are developed to fight blemished skin and other skin problems. apart from other korean skincare brands which market their products mostly by cute packaging, cosrx is more concerned with what is in them.

brand concept

“impressive cosmetics with sincerity”

“we try not to control nature. we try to fill our cosmetics with nature.”

“by approaching customers’ skin patterns and troubles scientifically, we categorized our data into seasons, steps, components, formulations, cycles, weathers, and so on.”

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aha 7 whitehead power liquid

the aha 7 whitehead power liquid is an essence and the packaging calls it a “savior for skin without control of whitehead and sebum”. Cosrx describes its features as follows: “clears off old dead skin cell inside the pores and works with vitamin, whiteners and natural moisturizer as treatment, to manage dead skin cell without stimulation, to help with management of skin making it healthier and more vital.”


ingredients and their purpose

pyrus malus (apple) fruit water: is water that has been distilled from apples. it vitalizes and nourishes the skin with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. with a lower PH value than regular water, apple fruit water has a closer affinity to skin’s own PH balance,  thereby enhancing the moisturizing and soothing properties. apple fruit water also stimulates the growth of keratin in the outer layers of the skin and therefore strengthens the skin’s ability to retain moisture and protect it from outside damage.

butylene glycol: is a chemically produced solvent which is hygroscopic. butylene glycol allows the skin the lock in moisture more sufficiently and it therefore appears more plumper and smoother.

glycolic acid: is a chemical peel which is used to improve the skin’s appearance and texture. it reduces wrinkles, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and improves many other skin conditions. glycolic acid reacts with the upper layer of the skin and acts as a chemical exfoliator exposing live skin cells.

niacinamide: induces the production of ceramide and cholesterole – both of them are part of the horny layer (natural skin barrier) which is responsible for protecting the skin from drying out. it also reduces sebum production, is antiphlogistic/antibacterial and moisturizing.

sodium hydroxide:  is used to stabilize the PH value to a skinfriendly level.

1,2-hexanediol: has moisturizing features

panthenol: is moisturizing, it enhances wound healing and prevents skin irritation by stimulating the energy metabolism and the ideal nourishment of the skin cell.

sodium hyaluronate: reduces irritations and protects the skin from pollution, it also keeps the skin from loosing all its natural moisture.

xanathan gum: moisturizes and protects the skin from dehydration.

ethyl hexanediol: is used as a solvent for manufacturing cosmetics


my review

this is one of the few products which showed an immediate improvement in my skin. i was so surprised by the effect it had after having used it for only a couple of times. the regular use of the cosrx aha 7 whitehead power liquid allowed me to clear my skin from whiteheads and to control new ones from popping up. as it is quite a strong essence i only use it at night and make sure to generously moisturize my skin. to make sure my skin is protected during the day after having used the essence the night before, i apply sunscreen in the morning and use no further exfoliators. the cosrx aha 7 whitehead power liquid has truly become a holy grail in my night-time skincare routine and has totally changed the appearance of my skin.




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